Survey Results

A few weeks ago, we put out a short survey to gather information about how the community is actually using Immutant. We'd like to share our take on the results.

But first things first: THANK YOU! Time is currency in open-source, and we appreciate the 62 of you who spent a little of it feeding back your Immutant experience to us.

Given the small sample size and the non-rigorous approach we took to developing the questions, we can't really draw any statistically significant conclusions, but we can possibly get a general feel of the community.

Noteworthy items include:

  • It appears we need to do a bit better job of communicating the improvements of 2.x over 1.x. Of the minority of folks who evaluated Immutant and decided to use something else, most of them either hadn't actually used it or had only used 1.x. So we mayhap have some opportunity there.

  • There is a good bit of interest in clustering and a fairly high number of deployments to internal data centers. Those two are likely related. Immutant 2 is far more "cloud friendly" than its predecessor since it contains no app server, only libraries, so we may see more publicly-hosted deployments in the future.

  • Almost as many 2.x deployments in production as 1.x, even though 2.x is still in beta. We're going to chalk this up to the fact that 1) 2.x has been pretty stable over the course of its VERY long beta cycle, and b) 2.x is simpler than 1.x.

  • Of the folks that have used 2.x, almost as many have used it in WildFly as have embedded, which surprised us. We expected a larger percentage to be embedded users. It may be that some of the WildFly users came from 1.x, and appreciate the value of the container and clustering.

Take a gander at the the full results of the survey if you are so inclined.

Final Finally

2.0.0.Final is imminent! We're pretty excited about that! :)

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or issues with regards to Immutant, let us know.

Survey, etc

Just a few quick notes on recent Immutant happenings...


Yesterday we published a short survey to help us gauge how folks have been using Immutant. Please take a few moments to complete it if you haven't already.


The Luminus web toolkit now includes an Immutant profile in its Leiningen project template, so you can now do this:

$ lein new luminus yourapp +immutant
$ cd yourapp
$ lein run -dev

That -dev option is triggering the use of immutant.web/run-dmc instead of immutant.web/run so it should plop you in your browser with code-reloading enabled. You can pass most of the other run options on the command line as well, e.g.

$ lein run port 3000

Beta2 bugs

In our last release, 2.0.0-beta2, we updated our dependency on the excellent potemkin library to version 0.3.11. Unfortunately, that exposed a bug whenever clojure.core/find was used on our Ring request map. Fortunately, it was already fixed in potemkin's HEAD, and Zach was kind enough to release 0.3.12. We've bumped up to that in our incrementals and hence our next release.

We've also fixed a thing or two to improve async support when running inside WildFly.


We're still hoping to release 2.0.0-Final within a month or so. Now would be a great time to kick the tires on beta2 or the latest incremental to ensure it's solid when we do!