We just released Immutant 2.1.2. The only significant change is an option to more easily enable HTTP/2.0 in immutant/web. We've had a few people ask about it and got tired of telling them to use an incremental release while we waited to fix enough bugs to justify an "official" release.

But there simply aren't any bugs to fix. ;)

We updated our Feature Demo with an HTTP/2.0 example using a self-signed certificate since, as you may know, HTTP/2.0 requires SSL.

(Configuring SSL in Java is still terrible, by the way. This release doesn't address that.)

What is Immutant?

Immutant is an integrated suite of Clojure libraries backed by Undertow for web, HornetQ for messaging, Infinispan for caching, Quartz for scheduling, and Narayana for transactions. Applications built with Immutant can optionally be deployed to a WildFly cluster for enhanced features. Its fundamental goal is to reduce the inherent incidental complexity in real world applications.

Get In Touch

As always, if you have any questions, issues, or other feedback about Immutant, you can always find us on #immutant on freenode or our mailing lists.

Issues resolved in 2.1.2

  • [IMMUTANT-597] - Destination names segmented with / can shadow each other Inside the container
  • [IMMUTANT-596] - Messaging docs are incorrect wrt specifying destinations in standalone.xml
  • [IMMUTANT-595] - HTTP2 setup problems