Due to issues with hosting our own mailing lists, we've decided to let someone else manage them so we can spend more time doing things that actually matter. Therefore, effective today, immutant-user@immutant.org is now immutant@groups.google.com, and we're retiring immutant-dev@immutant.org, since it was rarely used.

If you were subscribed to immutant-user@immutant.org, you should have received an invite to join the new list already. If you didn't receive it, or weren't on the old list, please join.

The archives of the old lists will continue to be available at http://immutant.markmail.org/.

Why Google Groups?

We wanted something that was simple to manage (or at least simpler than our existing, broken, ezmlm/qmail setup). We also had requests from a few of you for something more forum-like, that didn't require email. Google Groups gives us both of those.