We just released version 1.0.1 of our Leiningen plugin. This is a patch release, with the following changes:

  • Archive creation no longer uses lib/ as a staging area for dependencies - this prevents stale dependencies from being picked up in development after creating an archive.
  • Archives are no longer created in the current directory, but under project-root/target/ instead. The exact location will depend on the profiles that are active. The archive command will output the full path to the archive.
  • The url used by the install and overlay tasks to download Immutant has been changed to use a CDN. This should provide shorter download times, and allows us to track download counts to get a feel for usage.

Get it

If you're already using lein-immutant you probably already know how to do this, but just in case - to install it, add it to the :plugins list in your :user profile in ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-immutant "1.0.1"]]}}

Get in touch

If you have any questions, issues, or other feedback, you can always find us on #immutant on freenode or you can file an issue on lein-immutant.