Immutant just got a lot lighter!

Starting with recent incremental builds, we're now publishing two distributions: slim and full. We'll also be producing these two distributions for the 0.9.0 release (out later this week), and all future releases.

What's the difference between slim and full?

The full distribution is identical to the distributions we published before this change - they contain the full JBossAS 7 application server along with the add-ons that make it Immutant. The full distribution can be used to run JavaEE applications alongside Clojure applications.

The full distribution currently weighs in at ~133 MB.

The slim distribution is a full distribution minus the JBossAS modules that aren't required for Immutant Clojure applications. The only way you'll notice this change, other than a faster install, is if you currently deploy JavaEE applications to your Immutant. The removed modules include Hibernate, OSGi, EJB, JSF, JPA, and many other TLAs. If your application needs any of those modules (or any of the other modules we remove), you'll want to use the full distribution.

The slim distribution currently weighs in at ~66 MB.

How do I get one or the other?

If you are using the Leiningen Immutant plugin, a call to lein immutant install will install the slim version of the latest incremental build. To get the full distribution, you'll need to update to version 0.16.0 or newer of the plugin, and pass the --full option to the install subtask: lein immutant install --full. Installing a versioned release with the plugin will behave the same way for 0.9.0 or newer (once 0.9.0 is released).

If you prefer to manually download the zip distributions, you can find links to them on the incremental and release pages.

Since the slim distribution is brand new, it may have issues - please give it a try and let us know if you find any.