After our last release, Dan asked if we had a tutorial to help a newbie get started on Immutant.

Good question.

Well, we do have one, sort of, in the form of some blog posts written over the course of a few months in our News section. They're all helpfully tagged with getting-started, in reverse chronological order...

Well, no, I guess we don't have one. :(

So we decided to take some of those old blog posts, update them, and organize them into a suite of tutorials that are easy to navigate, and we promise to keep them in sync as the project evolves.

Unlike the blog posts, they're living documents, of course, and though each is focused on a particular aspect of Immutant, there will be some overlap between them and our manual and api docs, which we consider more of a reference.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if the tutorials make your initial experience with Immutant that much smoother. And we'd love to hear suggestions for additional ones.