We're pleased as punch to announce the first official release of Immutant - version 0.1.0. We consider this release to be beta quality, and lacks some of the features and API stability that will end up in the 1.0.0 release.

What is Immutant?

Immutant is an application server for Clojure. It's an integrated platform built on JBoss AS7 that aims to reduce the incidental complexity that comes along with real world applications.

What's in this release?

For this first release, we've focused on the basics of application deployment and initialization along with a few components:

What's next?

Now that we have 0.1.0 out the door, we'll be focusing on:

  • XA Transaction support
  • Benchmarking to identify (and resolve!) performance bottlenecks
  • Getting Immutant running on OpenShift
  • General API simplification and improvement

Get It

The simplest way to install 0.1.0 is via our Leiningen plugin. See our install page for more details. Once you have it installed, take a look at our Getting Started tutorials. We'll be updating those and adding more in the next couple of weeks.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, issues, or other feedback about Immutant, you can find us on #immutant on freenode or our mailing lists. We'll also be at Clojure/West where Jim will be presenting Immutant and we would love to chat with you.