Utilities specific to HornetQ


(destination-controller destination)(destination-controller destination control-type)

Returns the destination controller for destination.

destination should be the result of calling immutant.messaging/queue or immutant.messaging/topic.

The returned controller depends on the type of the given destination and, for queues, the requested control-type (which defaults to :jms):

Destination Type Control Type Controller Type
queue :jms JMSQueueControl
queue :core QueueControl
topic N/A TopicControl

Refer to the javadocs for those control classes for details on the available operations.



Retrieves the local JMS server manager instance.


(set-address-options match settings)

Sets the HornetQ-specific address options for the given match.

This provides programatic access to options that are normally set in the xml configuration. match must be either a destination returned from immutant.messaging/queue or immutant.messaging/topic, or a fully qualified jms destination name (prefixed with ‘jms.queue.’ or ‘jms.topic.’). It may contain HornetQ wildcard matchers (see

The following settings are supported [default value]:

Calling this function again with the same match will override replace any previous settings for that match.