immutant.xa documentation

Distributed XA transactional support


(datasource id spec)
Create an XA-capable datasource named by 'id'. The result can be
associated with the :datasource key in a spec,

  (defonce ds (immutant.xa/datasource "myds" {...}))
  ( {:datasource ds} ...)

The spec map keys are adapter-specific, but all should support the
 :adapter   one of h2|oracle|mysql|postgres|mssql (required)
 :host      the host on which the database server is running [localhost]
 :port      the port on which the server is listening [adapter-specific]
 :database  the database name
 :username  the username for the database connection
 :password  the password associated with the username
 :pool      the maximum number of simultaneous connections used
 :url       a jdbc connection url (not supported by all adapters)

 :subprotocol an alias for :adapter
 :subname     an alias for :database
 :user        an alias for :username



(transaction & body)
Execute body within the current transaction, if available,
 otherwise invoke body within a new transaction.

This is really just a convenient alias for
immutant.xa.transaction/required, which is the default behavior for
transactions in standard JEE containers. See the macros in
immutant.xa.transaction for finer-grained transactional control
corresponding to all the analogous attributes of the JEE @Transaction


(wrap ds-or-spec)
Wrap a DataSource (or a spec from which a DataSource can be
obtained) with a reified DataSource that will ignore method calls
illegal on an XA Connection.