The Immutant team fully welcomes all contributors to the project. We have attempted to organize our code and development tools to make it easy for community members to participate as deeply as they desire.

Code Repository

The code is developed as open-source, with a publicly-accessible source-code repository.

All of the code for Immutant is open-source (1.x is licensed under the LGPL, 2.x under the ASL). You may checkout the latest code under development at any time.

The primary source repository is located at GitHub, and is obviously using the Git revision-control system.

Using Git and GitHub, it's simple for contributors to fork the code to develop bugfixes or features, and easily integrate their codelines back with the primary codebase, including all attribution and history.

You can easily browse the repository.

You may clone a complete copy of the repository using git.

git clone git://


The development of Immutant is primarily sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.

JetBrains sponsors Immutant development by donating Intellij IDEA licenses to core developers.

Continuous Integration

The code is continuously built using our continuous integration service, which is provided by CloudBees.