We track our issues in our JBoss Community issue tracker. Reporting or commenting on issues requires signing up for a JBoss Community account, but no account is required to browse issues.


Bugs are what happens when it just doesn't work the way you'd expect it to. Particularly so if we've implied that your expectations are correct through documentation or examples.

Many bugs reveal themselves in very peculiar circumstances that we have not tested for. So when you're telling us about a bug, include as much information as possible. Include details about your operating system, your Java version, your Rails version, your networking environment, whatever you think might help.

If you want your bug fixed really fast, you'll include with your bug report a link to a git repo containing a small test case demonstrating the problem. We love those kinds of bug reports!


Feature requests are always welcome. We expect Immutant to support many difference use-cases, but we're sure we have not thought of them all.

Let us know what you wish you could do with Immutant, and we'll look at getting it on the roadmap. It may not necessarily be "soon", but knowing what everyone wants can only help us in our planning.