Our incremental builds are performed by our CI system any time the code changes. The incremental builds are supported by a contribution from CloudBees.

If you're looking for 1.x incremental builds, they're over here.

Public Artifacts

If you need to depend on incremental public API artifacts in your project.clj, you will need to use the correct version identifier and add a repository:

(defproject some-project "1.2.3"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.6.0"]
                 [org.immutant/immutant "2.x.incremental.BUILD_NUM"]]
  :repositories [["Immutant incremental builds"

Where BUILD_NUM is the build number for the build you are using.

Latest Incremental Build

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Recent Incremental Builds

Previous builds are listed below. A currently-running build is displayed in yellow. Aborted builds are displayed in grey. Successful builds are green. Failed builds are in red. Failed builds may produce artifacts, but they should probably not be trusted.

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